'Asbestos ceilings don't break like glass.' 

Supported in development by  Arts Council England, Pleasance Theatre and RECLAIM Project

Written by Phillip Jones

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DOG HAIR is a new 3-hander written by Welsh working-class writer Phillip Jones. The play explores with humour & warmth the relationship between a mother (MAM) & son (SON) in the small industrial town they've been shaped by, dealing with loss & acceptance whilst feeling isolated, trapped and separate from the home they’re in. We see these characters with un-stereotyped working-class charm, bite & tenderness. DOG HAIR is supported in development by Arts Council England, Pleasance Theatre and RECLAIM Project



Writer: Phillip Jones

Producer: Rachel Thomas

Director: Karan Desai

Creative Associate: Peter Kinkaid

R&D CAST 2021:

SON: Josh Harper

MAM: Emma Jane Goodwin

MIKE: Joe Rawlinson Hunt

Photographs: Ali Wright Photography

Videographers: The Other RIchard


'No matter how far you go from home, you'll always have dog hair on your clothes'