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Got a script you're sitting on, stuck on, or an idea you don't know how to start? Got a play ready to go but not sure how to tackle the next bit? Want to start a company but not sure how? Just stuck?

We get it. We wanna help.

Book in for a Script Surgery or Creative 1-2-1 with one of us (or both!) to help get your projects off the ground - or just to have a chat. You bring the ideas and the questions, we'll bring the admin. And probably a few puns.

PWYC options available always. Drop us an email at and let's chat

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Fancy some fresh eyes on your script, a detailed script report, a personal feedback chat, and ongoing support where you need it? We got you. You can book in with just one of us, or get all the below from both of us for the same price. 



  • A full script read from both of us

  • A full separate script report from each of us

  • A zoom chat with us following your report to discuss your script & the feedback

  • Further add-on follow up chats to support your play's development, as many or as few as ya like.  Just book in when you fancy



  • Full Length Scripts (1hr or more) - £35

  • Shorter scripts (30 mins or less) - £20

  • Follow Up Sessions (Optional): £15

  • Follow Up Script Reads / Notes (Optional): £15


The rule is here, if it’s producing or theatre-making related, there are no rules.

Got questions about getting a project off the ground, venues, contracts, applying for funding, marketing, project planning, starting a company, writing opportunities, access support, have a super-specific problem on your mind, or just fancy a chat? (Or a vent). We’re here for you. Let’s have it!  


Chats can happen on zoom or over real life coffee. Whichever’s most comfortable and accessible for you.  If you‘d like to chat to a specific one of us (or both of us!), just let us know when you book in and we’ll make it happen. 



  • 1hr chat - £15 

  • Follow Up Support Chats (Optional): £5

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Fill out this lovely form or pop us an email at:


Popping your name and which service you'd like in the subject line, and letting us know:


- If you'd prefer online or in-person

- What times and days are good for you

- Whether you'd prefer to work with one or both of us

- Any PWYC needs you'd like to chat about 

Let's make those projects happen!

Cheers for submitting! We'll be in touch soon

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