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'A muscular yet sensitive depiction of a pervasive crisis'

'Seventh Sense have woven a piece that achieves something that all the high profile WWI Centenaries of the last 4 years have missed, inviting me to engage with the human face hidden by the political arguments' 


- Jason Warren, International Director and Author of 'Creating Worlds: How To Make Immersive Theatre'

One day you’re on watch with your patrol, the next you’re doing the washing up. One day you’re clearing IEDs, the next you’re mowing the lawn. One day you’re taking sniper fire, the next a child pops a balloon… When you’re living between two realities, can life carry on like before? And can a house ever be home again when everything feels different?


A soldier returns home from war to his friends and family, but it soon becomes clear that he hasn’t come back alone. Inspired by personal experiences, Memory Soldier explored the harsh realities of PTSD, and the devastating effects it has on the lives of the sufferer and the people who love them.


Lcpl. Henry Thomas: Phillip Jones

Amy: Rachel Thomas

Captain Claire Croft: Emily Wickham

Sgt. Saunders: Simon Robins 

Lcpl. Jay Elliott: Tom Cracroft

Sam: Lin Pond

George: Ryan Osang

Memory Soldier ran at the Camden People's Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe 2018.

It was co-created by 7th Sense Theatre and Supported by East 15 Acting School. 

Memory Soldier 7_edited.jpg


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